Croatian Society of Infectious Diseases
Address: University Hospital for Infectious Diseases 
Mirogojska 8, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: 385 1 46 03 222; Fax: 385 1 46 78 235; E-mail:
The Croatian Society of Infectious Diseases (CSID) - a member society of the Croatian Medical Association - 
has been active for 45 years and today numbers 145 members. 

Members of the Society Board are: 
President: Tatjana Jeren
Vice-presidents: Ljiljana Mišić Majerus, Miro Morović, Jagoda Zrinšćak
Secretary: Vjekoslav Mahovlić
Treasurer: Dalibor Vukelić
and one delegate from each department of infectious diseases or hospitals from all over Croatia.

The key aims of the Society are: 
1. permanent professional education of its members 
2. assistance in organization and work of the health service in the area of infectious diseases 
3. encouragement of scientific and investigative effort of its members 
4. collaboration with societies of adjacent medical areas: microbiologists, epidemiologists, immunologists,
 internists and pediatricians in Croatia and abroad.

In all major cities of Croatia there are hospitals specialized primarily for infectious disease patients, e.g.
acute bacterial infections (sepsis, pneumonia), severe viral infections (hemorrhagic fever), or infectious
diseases of the CNS. An infectologist also acts as a consultant in all other hospital departments in which 
an infection appears (surgery, oncology, internal medicine and others). 

With the purpose of permanent education of our physicians, specialized meetings are organized twice a year. 
They have one central theme and free contributions. The presentations on these meetings are graded as scientific, 
professional and young authors presentations. Presentations on the chosen theme are followed by discussion. 
For example, in June 1996 CSID organized a meeting in Zadar with the main theme "Features of infections in
children", which attracted many infectologists, pediatricians, microbiologist and immunologists.          

Also, professional exchange meetings are held once weekly at the central infectious disease hospital in Croatia, 
the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb. The format of the meeting calls for younger colleagues
to present an issue in contemporary infectology, ensuring discussion and participation of elder colleagues and 

Congress on infectious diseases with international participation is held every two years. 
The First Croatian Congress on Infectious Diseases was successfully organized and held in Dubrovnik in 
1998 and apart from the Croatian colleagues, many experts from around the world attended. 
The Third Croatian Congress on Infectious Diseases with international participation  will be held in Dubrovnik, 
Croatia, October 12-15, 2002. 

The Society publishes a monthly journal of infectology, "Infektološki glasnik", which features original papers, 
overviews of recent advances in the field, and answers questions posed by infectologists. 

As a form of permanent education of infectologists, the Society also organizes: 
- training courses: for example emergencies in infectology, sepsis, antibiotic policy etc. 
Speakers are most prominent experts in the field, workshops are provided for participants and the final exam 
to obtain a certificate. 
- seminars organized once a year and lasting 7 to 14 days, at the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases 
in Zagreb with a program including neuroinfectology, gastroenterology with hepatology, intensive care in
 infectology for children and adults, and acute respiratory infections. Every participant is assigned a mentor 
with whom he/she has a colloquium at the end of the seminar. Also, a questionnaire reflecting on the seminar 
quality is being filled out by the participants.

CSID is very active society, and its members take part in many international scientific meetings and projects.